Texline Pro

Gerflor has combined its revolutionary textile backing with a 0.50mm wear layer to withstand even the most demanding environments. Can be laid directly, without adhesives, over most existing subfloors to reduce installation time and cost. The patented polyester textile backing bridges subfloor irregularities to ensure the surface remains smooth throughout its life. Glass fibre interlayer adds dimensional stability to ensure maximum durability and eliminate tearing. Sanosol® treated to prevent against fungal and bacterial growth for a more hygienic floor. Hygienic and easy to clean PUR surface treatment helps to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria. Double waterproof barrier from above and below protects from rising damp: ideal for wet areas and damp concrete floors. Soft, absorbent backing reduces noise and insulates against cold, bringing quiet, warmth and underfoot comfort to your home.


  • Style:Allover or Wood
  • Fibre:PVC/Polyester Backing
  • Warranty:15 years Residential | view
  • Pictured:Calvi Noir
     (Colours are an indication only and may vary from actual product)

Key Features

15 years Residential
Eco Thoughtful
  • Calvi Noir
  • Walnut Medium
  • Walnut Dark
  • Walnut Clear
  • Walnut Authentic
  • Typo White
  • Typo Dark
  • Typo Camel
  • Moove Ice
  • Moove Grey
  • Legend White
  • Legend Clear
  • Calvi Mink
  • Madras Cream
  • Madras Cloud